Sunday, May 3, 2009

This isn't a Bro Party for you're Bro friends.

Friday Night we drove up to Reno. It was rainy the whole trip up...And David being the Gerber baby that he is, started catching a lil Anxiety. We got to The HQ (house that we played) around 7:30ish..Greeter the house mates, talked to this guy who kept trying to remember, and how he screwed us over on a Cute Lepers show we we're Suppose to play but ended up not happening..Anyway Show didnt start till 8:30, 1st band was a total metal band that wasn't all that good...Didn't look like all that many people there. After their set it was our turn, but before we played this Kid Austin who lived at the house went around asking people for a $5 donation. He was TOTALLY calling everyone out... "The show is $5 do you got any money? Girl: No. Austin: we'll okay this isnt a show so Have a goodnight night Sweetheart... Austin, Hey man you got $5 this isnt a free show. Bro guy: i'll give you $5 if I decide to stay at the show, I've only got $20. Austin: Well this isn't a Bro show for you and all your bro friends man, have a goodnight bro" Bro..walks off past us, looking a lil mad bro: "man you need to calm the fuck down"...I couldnt help but enjoy myself when he called the bro out, specially when the bro was claiming not to be a bro...But was totally a "BRO!" We barrowed Royal Nobles gear. They forgot cymbols so they had to go run and get em, Meanwhile...we got our shit togather, and the basement litteraly had only 4 people in it. Kinda thinking it was gonna be suck down for us. The cymbols arrived, and the BASEMENT PACKED! I probably over exstaurate, but it looked like 80-100 people. The Kids danced, and enjoyed our set. We got paid well...Watched Royal noble, They were rad, I dug their drummers style...After them, we hit the road quick, and Hit some snow on the way home...Was a little worried being that we we're in a tiny toyota corlla.

Last night May 2nd Saturday. We played R5 Records. The Enlows Opened (David's 1st show with them) The set was good good! And was a lot of fun playing guitar for a change. Jon from Pansy division quickly Jumped on stage after ourset and Did his book reading and accoustic set. Both I was a lil nervous for considering you have to watch your P's & Q's at R5 records. But it went over well...I posted the event on several sacramento gay message boards. And Half the crowd was a gay crowd. Faces we've never seen before. I highly enjoyed seeing some of the gay community out at the show, and they stuck around for our set...Of course sacramento being sacramento, we played and the crowd just stood and watched and looked bored, but they stuck around and thats all that matters! It was a fun night, and to end it off, we went to the doghouse where Papa tom ended up having to bitch slap some drunken idiot who got out of line.

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