Friday, October 26, 2012

Update Punx

A lot has changed this past year. December 2011 we recorded with Ted Angel (Mr. T Experience)
and recorded our 3rd LP "Smoking is Cool"
Joey of Emily's Army had spoke to us, and said Adeline Records was interested
in putting us out. So we've been sitting on the record since December.

Patrick and Charles both quit Boats!
We tried a few drummers, and were having horrible luck.
BOATS! was looking about over-
We saw our friend Adam drumming in his new band Urban wolves. (check em out)
We knew instantly we had to get him on board.
We asked him, and he said YES!

We started playing shows,  with Chixdiggit and Vibrators. Now we are best friends!
He has the most positive attitude ever, and we couldn't be more happy with him in the band.
If he quit, I'd seriously kill myself, and post a sad video on YouTube before doing it.

We've been searching a new label to put out our new LP.
May Cause Dizziness is taking a short break.
We've contact Modern Action Records, and so far, they are also interested.
So now we're waiting on a green light from either Adeline and/or Modern Action.
We love both labels, and would be thrilled to be put out by either of the two.

We have planned a East Coast tour for Spring.
Dates have yet to be booked, as it is still far out in advance to get solid dates booked-
but we'll be there! If anyone wants to help us book some shows, or send some contact info please do!
Here are the dates and cities!

Mar 22nd- New York
Mar 23rd- Montreal
Mar 24th- Toronto
Mar 25th- Philadelphia
Mar 26th-  Baltimore
Mar 27th- Atlanta
Mar 28th-  Orlando  
Mar 29th - Charlotte Nc /richmond va
Mar 30th-  New Jersey
Mar 31st- Boston