Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Question, The Answer...

A lot has changed in the past few months. Jeff Melendez has quit the band, to pursue a life as a chef. Our good friend Patrick Shelly has filled/out grew Jeff's shoes. He fits like a perfect glove. We also added Charles Albright (he's on drugs) on 2nd guitar. We just got wind, he'll be quitting the band, as he is stressed out being in about 5 other bands, and having to teach math to a bunch of college students, who prefer to waste his time, and text during his class.

Matt has tied the knot with his lady, and just enjoyed a honeymoon in Europe.
Meanwhile, back at home, David just had a new born sister. He's playing the father /really old brother Role.

Once Matt returned from his Honeymoon, we began working on our 3rd LP "Hall & Boats!" Or "Hummerz." The name of the LP has yet to be decided.

Ted Angel (of Mr. T Experience, The Mallrats, Bright Faces, Problem girls) is recording/Producing/playing a solo on one of the tunes. We plan to have it released shortly on May Cause dizziness Records, before we start touring again. Matt also doesn't have enough time saved up, to be going tour.