Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update on BOATS! life....

Whats been new with Boats!? Seems like we're not doing so much these days...
Jeff is now officially in David's other Band The enlows. His 1st official show is This Thursday
@ Shire road club (5525 auburn blvd) w/Voodoo Glow Skulls.
We've finished guitars and vocals this past week. Now Just mixing it down to a "T"
before sending it off to Nate @ May cause dizziness records.
Art has been a bitch of a time. None of us have ideas, or can committee to anything.
But we're bout to just run wild and go with whatever.
We really wanted the full length out A.sap!

We're going on a small week tour up to Canada in May.
These short tours in rental cars have seemed way way more worth it.
All the shows are normally really good, and we don't come back with butterflies in our pockets...

We played with Angry Samoans Last week...Sorta. I had major Bass troubles, even when I got another bass, My cable (I had a swirly coil cable) kept unplugging. I popped a cute girl in the face...We had 12 songs on our set list, played probably 1 full song. Thats how much bullshit and troubles we had...totally sucked, totally got super amped, to play super horribly shitty!

We have some rad shows coming up with such bands: Dwarves, Tranzmitors, M.o.t.o, Sharp objects ect

We have a 10" coming out. its our 1st self titled cd...just on Vinyl. The enlows have a split cassette tape with the poonteens (davis) if you'd like to get one, $3 send payment to David11486@yahoo.com send money as a gift!

Anyway, stay tuned, we got records coming out, and hope everyone picks their copies up! :p