Tuesday, April 27, 2010

you've been so good to me.

Getting ready for tour, and ready to record Thursday. we're recording 3 brand new songs and 1 old one for a new 7" that will be released on Modern Action records (Members of the briefs/The Bodies) label. We're looking to get it done A.sap! no bullshit, Record all the music/vocals in one day. And finish the mixing within the week. Our Lp has also been sent to the pressing plant. We wont have it for our Canada tour, but in August we're going out on tour with The enlows to support both our full lengths. As for our 10" not much as been heard about it...Rottentone has had it for awhile, They've had some pressing problems? Either way, It's not out, nor do we know if it'll ever be. It would def be a rad release to have on a new up coming label, but our main priority, is new material...Later on In the fall, No front teeth will do the euro pressing of "totally jawesome"

things are looking up for us. We're hoping to get picked up by a booking agent. Yes, we're sorta tired of doing all the bookings ourselves, and would love to just be an opening support band for bigger bands. So Hopefully these new releases will get us more exposure. We're also not playing Sacramento for a long time After September. We got 3 more local shows, and Thats it for us. We love Sacramento, but We can only do so much in one town. Feel like we've bored Sacramento, So time to disappear for awhile till we become fresh to everyone here.

Matt's been going to college, David and Jef have been doing Enlows (as much as we can) And David is constantly busy with Shire Road club...But be on the look out for us, and keep buying our up coming new released! hope to see you on tour! ;p