Sunday, December 27, 2009

And we're Off On Friday!

Starting The New Year off by touring!!! It's been awhile since we've (couch surfed) Cause of My Anxiety, I set up a lot of places to crash at/Hang out at on I'm pretty excited for this tour. Always antsy before we leave. I have no idea how these shows are gonna go over, if anyone is siked to see us, or if we're just gonna meet new people, or play to dead rooms to just the bands! But who knows! Han's is Joining us on tour, I'm way siked for him to be with us. It's always nice to have someone (not in the band) On tour with us....After tour we're gonna work on the full length! Im very very anxious to work on new songs & Record and Finally have a 12' record! Anyway, Just wanted to write a little, take a break from Spamming myspace and facebook.
Hopefully people enjoy reading these little post. Anyway hope everyone had a merry x-mas! a Safe new year and hopefully you spend a day of new years month with us while we're on tour.