Sunday, December 27, 2009

And we're Off On Friday!

Starting The New Year off by touring!!! It's been awhile since we've (couch surfed) Cause of My Anxiety, I set up a lot of places to crash at/Hang out at on I'm pretty excited for this tour. Always antsy before we leave. I have no idea how these shows are gonna go over, if anyone is siked to see us, or if we're just gonna meet new people, or play to dead rooms to just the bands! But who knows! Han's is Joining us on tour, I'm way siked for him to be with us. It's always nice to have someone (not in the band) On tour with us....After tour we're gonna work on the full length! Im very very anxious to work on new songs & Record and Finally have a 12' record! Anyway, Just wanted to write a little, take a break from Spamming myspace and facebook.
Hopefully people enjoy reading these little post. Anyway hope everyone had a merry x-mas! a Safe new year and hopefully you spend a day of new years month with us while we're on tour.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Long Over Due!

For an Update...What the fuck have we been doing?...Since getting back from tour In August. We've taken it easy, working on new songs. Our new 7inch will be in our hands this week! Pf Flyers sent us free shoes! Matt's Taking off to Tokyo Japan on Tuesday morning..David is going to college in Jan, right when we get back from our Texas tour. Jef is now a Kitchen Manager @ The Cozmic cafe...(He likes to cook....A lot!) After Our Texas Tour In January, we're gonna slow down...While David's going to school, we'll be working on new jams, and recording our full length...Hoping to Release it well before summer time...May cause Dizziness Records is putting it out...We're looking for a 2nd label to put up the other half and get more Distro...We're Considering a 2nd guitarist, but can't find Anyone rad or good enough (or bad enough) to join the band. We Tried our Buddy Wolfgang out, but he melted our faces with his leads...Dunno if we're ready to turn more into a rocking band with crazy guitar shreds, or keep it simple, shitty but catchy!
we'd secretly like Dan Of the briefs/Modern action/Sharp Objects to join the band, but That's just a wet dream that wont happen...

Anyway, Texas Tour in Jan! Our last for awhile...We'll be playing locally on the weekends, and near by cities, but nothing crazy after Jan, except for a possibly Europe tour in the summer!
If anyone would like to put us up in Jan Get a hold of us! ;p

Jan 1st- La @ Project infest
Jan 2nd- San Diego @ Radio Room
Jan 3rd- Phoenix az @ The Rogue
Jan 4th- Tucson az @ Dry River
Jan 5th- Las cruses @ The Equinox
Jan 6th- San Antonio tx @ rockbottom bar
Jan 7th- Houston tx @ The Mink
Jan 8th- Austin tx @ the parlor
Jan 9th- Denton tx @ Rubber gloves
Jan 10th- Lubbock tx - @ whiskey Dix

Jan 11th- Albuquerque nm @ Bleeding Eardrum
Jan 12th- Flagstaff az @ studio 111
Jan 13th- La @ echo curio
Jan 14th- San Francisco @ annies social club
Jan 15th- Sacramento @ Shire road club

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tour coming to an End..

We're in Lush Hollywood @ The Ramada Plaza Santa Monica blvd...My mom was suppose to come down and bailed last minute. She made a reservation and they we're gonna ding her for $140 if she canceled, so she splurged and just gave us the hotel for two nights...Nice! Anyway, Tour has been outrageously's a recap of the events/shows!

Medford: We got our rental car, it was super tiny! So we upgraded to a Ford Flex..Cost Us $630 + $200 down deposit...but sooo worth it! we've been so comfortable. I got a lil baby panic attack as we got closer to Medford oregon. The weather for the majority of the trip was overcast, and pretty cold...I packed for a "summer" tour...I popped a xanax and relaxed in the car for awhile once we got to medford...The show ended up way surprising. A good amount of people came out, we made our gas back...During The hollowbodies set a fight broke out...The got the dude outside, and the singer was yelling threw the mic "dont you fuckin come back in here it'll be the last fucking thing you do!" So they start playing, and shortly the singer threw his guitar down and start brawl in the street! he kicked the dude three times in the head and the dude was flat knocked out for like 5mins! The idiot eventually woke up and wanted to fight again...what'a dummy! We stayed at Sierra vicious house and her mom gave Jef a Xanax! Jef took it and had some crazy dreams, as I did also and matt was kept up by the tv all night..In the morning, Went outside and ate some rasin toast right by Sierras huge Pot garden. Portland Oregon: We we're playing Club Satyricon that night...a venue most pdx kids don't wanna go to based off it being over priced..Oddly enough, Kids fuckin came out, the bill had nothing but good bands on it..Silent majority (outrageously good live) The Flip tops, Boats! The eegos & Mean Jeans...
Seattle: we we're gonna take off after Pdx show, ended up staying the night, but headed up in the morning. We got in early as planned and went to our friend Matt/s rich ass mansion. Ate some Pasta and off to the funhouse. Blue Ribbon boys opened and we're way way good...1st time I saw em they had a weird line up got outrageously drunk (which lived up to their name) and played way way sloppy! They had their shit down this night, it was way good! Than some other band played, no one knew who they we're and it was kinda awkward...Than we played and we used the pranks gear! fuck, we sounded so good! I love their gear! I felt we played alright, but The pranks killed...They we're so good. They ended up canceling the tour with us due to drummer problems, totally lame! So we only got to use their sweet ass gear 1 night! ugh!

Vancouver Bc: Our Buddy Matt ended up coming up with us, which I think was a good thing. Jef rode up with him. We got thru the border no problem. It was very quick and easy. We had all our merch + guitars in the back, I even asked the guy "That's it?" and we went on threw...Jef and Matt got pulled over, Jef thinks it was because of a suspicious dui...they searched matts brand ass new car, found nothing and let em thru also. We Played with The Tranzmitors that night. Holy fuck, My favorite band right now! They were so outrageously good, brought out over 200+ people, gave me a 7inch and a cd...Had nice nice gear for us to use..We really wanna put a split of some sort out with them. Also The Teeves played and they were way way rad. we stayed @ The guitar player from Zip guns house, and hit up breakfast in the morning.

Kamloops Bc: Everyone in vancouver pretty much warned us and wished us good luck on having a good show, little did they know the show was way way rad! This Dude Levon from Sound city Hooligans set the show up. We went to his house for dinner. Jef got steak, we got veggie hot dogs..We ate all the hotdog buns and his wife was asking where they were, and we so ate em all! whoa whoa whoa! awkward...We went and helped him load their gear and off to the venue. I got to use a sweet ass sun bass amp! We sounded good, and tons of kids came out and danced..Very good show for a sunday. We went back to levons, popped more xanax (we're Indoreced by them) And hit the road early for Calgary ab.

Calgary Ab: So we missed starbucks on the way to Calgary. I said, "it's cool...we'll just stop at the next one." Little did we know, there was 0 Starbucks! it was straight moutians we we're driving threw for like 8 hours! We got into Calgary and this girl set up an earlier all ages show at this place called "the tubby dog" It was a total rad 50'ish looking hot dog joint. We got free veggie doggs...They Had a Pb&J hot dog, which was a weenier, bun, pb&j and captin chrunch on the top...I said "oh hell naw!" Jef got the gripper, cause hes a barbarian, It had bun, dog, chilli, ham, fried egg and some other shit on it...It didn't look all that good either...Anyway girl who set it up, showed up...didnt acknowledge us for like an hour or so, so we weren't sure if we had gear, so it was kinda awkward...but it ended up working out and the show was WAY WAY FUN! This one punk girl oddly knew like every song we played! she sang and danced, we felt like green day 75! Afterwards we played a bar show...Ended up having to play last which we thought was gonna suck 2 dicks like it's 2006...But People stuck it out, and the show went over really fuckin awesome! Stayed at the dudes from the pissoffs house, did some laundry and hit up Missoula mt.

Missoula mt: Crossing the u.s border was way way easy! No hassle at all, and no backed up line...we expected Missoula to be way better but it wasnt a horrible show! we sold out of 7inches! Which totally sucked cause we didnt have any for spokane, but Nate sent us more to PDX! Missoula we ended up getting a hotel room and relaxing. We got shitty hotel breakfast in the morning, I choose all the sweet food, so wasn't feeling that good after.

Spokane wa: Everytime we go to spokane, we do the usual shit...we go down town and go on the silly Radio flyer slide...This time matt wanted to go on this stupid gondola ride. Jef and I weren't into paying to go on it, so Matt splurged got 1 adult ticket and 3 children tickets. I got a lil nervous, so I dropped a duke in the public park bathroom. There was this homeless dude in there, and while I was washing my hands we had an awkward conversation bout how the hand soap they had in the bathroom was kinda like laundry detergent. After I took my duce it was ride time!It was so fucking stupid and a waste of Matt's money. The girl seated us in the gondola and was like 3kids, yeah right!And then she called us "jerks" as she shut the gondolas door. I got a lil noxious thought I was gonna puke, but ended up not, the ride didnt go like anywhere, it was lame...we exchanged our canadian money. we had like $500 and it came out to $344..On top of it kinda being hard to exchange the money, they wouldnt take our looneys and tooneys, So we still have a shit load of Canadian coins. We went to the club and these like total bro punk bands from new york showed up in their van, and we just watched Law and order in our ford flex. The show was 50/50 it seemed pretty weak, but once we played we had a good amount of kids there to watch us! We stayed at Our BFF's Apartment that night, She took us to a bar which served $1 grilled cheese and than we watched "Life aquatic" I popped another xanax, during the night a lamp fell over almost hitting jefs face, but i was straight snoozing. Reah cooked us yummy breakfast, went to Empyrean and had some coffee.

Pdx: Went back to Portland, A show Colin set up fell threw so we emerged both shows into one. We went to Seve's right when we got into town to pick up more records that had been sent to us. Than Nick came with us to Laughing horse. We all hung out, the show turned out real good, we played good and had some nice gear..and sold more records. In the morning we did breakfast with Seve and left to Grants pass.

Grants Pass: whoa, The biggest let down of the whole tour. All our past shows had atleast 50-150 kids there...this night, 10 kids showed up. And half didnt have money to pay to get in..Not only has the trove gotten lamer, but they still treat bands like shit. They dont give you any money from the door, they even have you sign a piece of paper stating you're not getting paid, they are keeping it all and you can sell you're merch. Same Lame band hoped on the bill and said we could use their gear, and than they didn't let us...They had synchronized jumps and matching mesa boogies right?..Than another band (who was suppose to headline) said we could use their gear but totally took our spot...meanwhile, while no one else was gonna show up at this show, they went let the other 5kids in the show for free, so we told em we we're gonna bounce and they understood...So we pulled a long hall to sacramento...and by "we" I mean jef, he drove the whole way home while Matt Jamie and I slept.

Sacramento: We spent the day at home, I ran errands got Starbucks (twice) And relaxed. We played The Refuge, A new all ages venue similar to Club retro down town. They had a sweet green room behind the stage up stairs that really made you feel like green day. Though they had the whole christian atmosphere, the venue was pretty rad. Not horrible strict, and had a great sound man! We played good, and sold a lot of our 7inches! We ended up having to call Nate again to send us more 7inches! we're almost fully sold out!!!

Hollywood: The drive took forever, it really didnt, just always feels like a long drive. I totally get anxiety in this city, I freak out when im hear, we checked into our swanky hotel and off to The knitting factory. We havent played a good show there for awhile...We really try to only come down to La when Prima donna can play with us. They we're suppose to play this show, but didnt work out...The show was so so, It wasnt a horrible turn out, but wasnt as good as when prima donna plays with us, and we def didn't make as much $$...But we came back to the hotel, watched UFC cause we're secretly bro's and we've been hanging in the hotel all day today..

We're playing tonight with TUFF COOKIES in Hollywood, Tomorrow Fresno. I'll be seeing my dad and sisters whom i havent seen in like 7years. should be a little awkward. Than San francisco!

Return home show aug 29th with Phenomenauts @ club retro! come out!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sacramento News & Review Article: Boats!: Hey, hey, hey, bon voyage

Boats!: Hey, hey, hey, bon voyage
Boats! tour circles around most local bands, but not in upstate New York
By Derek Nielsen

Boats! set sail last Wednesday at The Press Club.

Before any interviews went down,
Boats! wanted to clear up certain rumors and misunderstandings that have been following them around. It’s not that the Sacramento-based punk trio is some kind of narcissistic image tyrant, they’ve just received some skewed portrayals in recent printed articles in certain daily papers. Guitarist Matt Leonardo, bassist David Hayden and drummer Jeff Melendez took me aside after a recent R5 Records set to set their record straight:

1. The band name is Boats!, with just one exclamation mark. Got it?
There’s Boats, the Boats, even Boats!!, the latter band I accidentally contacted about doing this interview (and apparently had the name first, although why the hell would two exclamation marks be part of your name; do boats get you that hyped?).

2. Boats! does not play “pusscore.”
Just for a laugh, the band members once got a family portrait of them taken at Sears. The photo has them against a white backdrop, and they’re wearing white clothes, flowers, big smiles and warm hugs. It’s friggin’ adorable.
They had no idea, however, that that picture would end up getting used pretty much every time someone wrote about them in print. “We look pretty lame,” bassist Hayden says. “I can totally see why so many people consider us pusscore.”

3. Boats! isn’t all about money.
Cash is not the driving factor in Boats!, despite the impression you’d get after reading their Sacramento Bee interview last summer. Income to cover touring and recording expenses—and maybe some food scrilla—is all the band wants. They didn’t start the band with the idea that they’d make a lot of money, as stated in said interview.

4. Boats! does stuff.
Rumors dispelled, Boats! are setting their sights forward: They have a Canadian tour lined up in August and a full U.S. tour this fall. Their new EP, Summer Vacation, also will drop this summer, distributed here by May Cause Dizziness Records and in the United Kingdom by No Front Teeth Records.
Leonardo is forthright in discussing how he wrote songs for the new record: “I’ll listen to a ton of Clorox Girls, Black Dahlias and Autistic Youth, then stop listening to them for a while. Then I’ll sit down and play something that sounds like that, but put different words over it, and that’s how Boats! songs get written.”

5. Boats! will draw the line—and that line is somewhere in upstate New York.
While they are psyched on the new release, touring has always been what drives Boats! They’ve already logged tens of thousands of miles and have the stories to prove it.
“We can’t go back to Albany,” Hayden explains. The story goes: Last summer, the day after the Fourth of July, a road-weary and mildly apathetic Boats! arrived in Albany to play at some locals’ party.
“They were pretty nice, but a little too crazy for us,” Leonardo continues. The dude from the door handed Boats! a wad of cash while they set up. Cool.
“[Then] we start playing, and the crowd starts shooting fireworks at us!” Leonardo recalls.
Not really down to catch a Roman candle to the face, Leonardo told the crowd to stop, otherwise they’d stop playing. “They told us ‘Fuck you, we’re punk rock from upstate! San Francisco is that way, fags!’” he says. It was just too nuts, so Boats! stopped playing.
“They still shot fireworks at us while we loaded up our stuff,” he says.
The band desperately tried to get organized and leave before the door manager came back looking for his money. But sure enough, a fat, sweaty, inebriated dude approached wielding a baseball bat. But after muscling Leonardo out of the money, the doorman then threw Hayden on the hood of the van and tried to make out with him.
The drunken crowd sang the chorus to “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” as the band sped away. “Some people from there even left us some comments on MySpace saying, ‘Hey, you guys should totally come back to Albany … not!!!’” Hayden laughs.

Wait, was that three exclamation marks?
Boats! play with Xenophobes and Botox Party on June 25, 9 p.m.; $5; 21 and over. Old Ironsides, 1901 10th Street;

Sunday, June 14, 2009

weekend disaster!

So we we're set up for a pretty good three day weekend of shows. 1st stop, Hollywood, 2nd Flagstaff az, 3rd Back to Los angeles and head home. Friday morning, went to Hertz got our rental car...We got the Maza5 this time

Stopped by the bodyshop (old strip club) my moms bf bought it and is turning it into an all ages club. totally rad, and see good things comming from it. came home, made myself a tuna fish sandwitch, screen printed 5 Large shirts, and got everything else we'd need for the weekend ready. We hit the road by 1ish. Later than we expected, but still made good time getting to Hollywood. The drive isnt that long, but sometimes feels a whole hella of a lot longer each time we make the trip....

Pulled into Hollywood around 7ish, just enough time to check in, and work out our gear arrangements with TORA! TORA! TORA! Ryan mudd missunderstood my e-mail and thought we only needed to bar a guitar amp! here's where the awkwardness starts....His band had no idea, and while talking to their bassist, I threw out, "it's cool if I still use you're bass amp right?" he had the confused looked, "i didn't know you needed to barrow my amp." but he said it'd be cool But than Rough kids were short of gear also, and than it turned SUPER AWKWARD. tora tora tora wasnt cool with it, which is understandable, but they didn't leave it at that..They kinda kept bringing it up, and how it was bullshit they'd ask last min, totally understandable again, but it just made it more awkward and now there was some major tension going on...Tora! Tora! tora! played 1st, I was impressed, Ryan played guitar way way better than I was expecting.

Afterwards rough kids played..I was totally facebooking it during one of their songs and ethan totally karate kicked my phone out of my hand...I thought my phone was broken for a hot min, which I just bought it monday..fuck, but it turned out to be fine...Than Between the drummer and bassist of tora tora tora things were flying on and off stage! My Pb&J sandwhich I had made ended up getting throwing at each other, till Ethan (rough kids) Was singing, grabbed the mic and chucked it at Bassist of tora tora toras head, jumped off stage with his guitar still in hand, landing on bassist head punching away, and all of a sudden a huge brawl breaks out in the room...the rest of Rough kids dove off stage to join the fight..Fists finally stopped flying, security made their way into the room and shut the show down. we we're one song away from playing our set! LAME! so we spent sorta a lot of money on a rental car, and gas to not play la...

As everyone was packing their gear...Ryan mudd hears about the fight, ask's who cause it, went up and started throwing punches! Another fight breaks out in the lobby of the knitting factory in front of All these Hip hop people...GO FIGURE! The hip hop show in the bigger roomer, where guys were being patted down for weapons was way more tame than the silly punk show we had...

Anyway, shit cleared up and we went to a party we we're trying to play..We didn't end up playing, but the BASSIST of the donnas was there, and we we're totally hanging with her. We we're kinda tired, and over the night, so we went to kirks house. I ended up waking up, running to the bathroom, asked kirk if anyone was in there and told him, "im gonna throw up!" turn around start running to the front door, hear him "this way this way!" turn back around, run out the back door and start throwing up all over his backyard...After i finally got it out, I went back to bed, but I kept waking up every other hour throwing up. I had no food in my system so it was straight gross stomic acid. At 6 in the morning, I dunno if it was me over exsaturadting, or not, but I felt like i was going into shock or something...My hands felt like they feel asleep, only they felt like I was being electricuted, and the feeling moved into my stomach and legs...

We decided to cut our looses short, and head home instead of spending even more money to get to flagstaff and back to Los angeles...Plus with all the puking I did, wasn't really in the mood to drive hella far to we came home, Hertz is closed on sunday, cant even return the car till tomorrow (lame)....But all in all, with all the bullshit that happend this weekend, we had fun..Hope everyone in tora tora tora and rough kids are alright, and hopefully next time we actually play before shit like that happends lol

Friday, June 5, 2009


Wednesday August 5th, 2009
w/ Idle Threats, The Hollowbodys, Stench of lies
35 S Bartlett St.
Medford, OR 97501
21+ 9PM $5

Thursday August 6th, 2009
Portland, OR

Friday August 7th, 2009
w/ The Pranks, Si Si Si, Blue Ribbon Boys
206 5th Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
21+ 9PM $5

Tuesday August 11th, 2009
w/ Bird's Mile Home, Train Song, Blue Boy Destroy
112 N. Pattee St.
Missoula, MT 59802
18+ 8PM $5

Wednesday August 12th, 2009
w/ The Grocery Boys, The Lot Lizards
1317 N. Howard St.
Spokane, WA 99201
All Ages 8PM $5

Thursday August 13th, 2009
w/ The Pranks
Portland, OR

Friday August 14th, 2009
w/ The Pranks, Skeevies
522 NE F St.
Grants Pass, WA 97526
All Ages 8PM $5

Saturday August 15th, 2009
w/ The Pranks, H. Letham
3600 Stockton Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95820
All Ages 8PM $5

Sunday August 16th, 2009
w/ The Pranks, Prima Donna
7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
All Ages 8PM $8

Monday August 17th, 2009
w/ The Pranks, The Powerchords, Prima Donna, The Glossines
3519 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92104
21+ 8PM $5

Tuesday August 18th, 2009
w/ The Pranks
901 F St.
Fresno, CA 93706
All Ages 8PM $5

Wednesday August 19th, 2009
w/ The Pranks, The Spurts!, Horror-x
1600 17th St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
21+ 8PM $5

*From August 13th-August 19th we will be touring with THE PRANKS

Thursday, May 14, 2009

BOATS! has been nominated for a SAMMIE!

"Boats! may be a local oi!-free punk trio on the pop side of the fence, but their riffage skews streetside—gritty guitars slash like tinfoil cuts; lyrics hinge on working-class tomfoolery. Their best asset, however, is their tempo: two-minute songs that don’t belabor things, two-riff ditties with smart bass lines and no-frills-just-fills drums. Oh, and they play hella shows." N.M.

thats right! BOATS! are up for a Sammie this year for "Outstanding Punk/Hardcore." we're up against Another Damn Disappointment, Consider the Thief, Dance Gavin Dance, Final Summation, Hoods, Lost Freedom, Pressure Point and A Single Second. are we gonna win?! probably not. bout wouldnt it be redick if we did!! lol


Chek out the old Sacramento News & Review Article "Not quite yacht rock" by Nick Miller HERE

Thursday, May 7, 2009 Article: Boats! Taking sail and making waves

Boats! Taking sail and making waves
by Laura Winn

Boats! live at R5 Records on May 2, 2009, Photo by Laura Winn

Boats! are taking sail and making waves with their catchy power pop punk sound and steady time on the road. Matt Leonardo (vocals/guitar), David Hayden (bass), and Jeff Melendez (drums) play punk that has influences of everything from 70s bands like Buzzcocks to more current bands like The Briefs. Boats! keep it short, simple and snappy with most songs clocking in at around two minutes.

Boats! have toured relentlessly since their first show in August 2007. They played nearly 100 shows in 2008 alone. The band’s strong work ethic seems to be paying off this year with a 2009 SAMMIE nomination for "Outsanding Punk/Hardcore Band" and an upcoming release on No Front Teeth Records/May Cause Dizziness. The band hopes to release their 10 inch album in June.

I caught Boats! live in action at R5 Records on Saturday, May 2. Although Saturday’s lineup centered on Pansy Division singer Jon Ginoli’s book read and acoustic set, Boats! held their own following Ginoli’s performance.

As Boats! sailed through their set, the band’s popularity was plain to see as fans shouted out song requests and sang along to songs like “Motorcycle Weekend,” “Heart of Gold,” and “My Mother was Right.” (My mother was right/I shoulda stayed with you/Well now my boat has gone to sea/I wish you still want to be with me.)

As I watched the bassist dance around the stage, I was reminded of Green Day’s bassist Mike Dirnt in both sound and movement. Also similar to Green Day are Leonardo's vocals, which sometimes mimic a bad (but good for singing) British accent. Still, Boats! are no Green Day copycats. They have been influenced by the greats in power pop/pop punk and have created a sound and image that is best described in one word simple, punctuated word: Boats!

Hear Boats! Listen to their tunes on Myspace.

Follow Boats! Read about their tour adventures on their blog.

See Boats! Attend their next Sacramento show on May 15 at West Capitol Bowl.

To see the original Article go HERE


Sunday, May 3, 2009

This isn't a Bro Party for you're Bro friends.

Friday Night we drove up to Reno. It was rainy the whole trip up...And David being the Gerber baby that he is, started catching a lil Anxiety. We got to The HQ (house that we played) around 7:30ish..Greeter the house mates, talked to this guy who kept trying to remember, and how he screwed us over on a Cute Lepers show we we're Suppose to play but ended up not happening..Anyway Show didnt start till 8:30, 1st band was a total metal band that wasn't all that good...Didn't look like all that many people there. After their set it was our turn, but before we played this Kid Austin who lived at the house went around asking people for a $5 donation. He was TOTALLY calling everyone out... "The show is $5 do you got any money? Girl: No. Austin: we'll okay this isnt a show so Have a goodnight night Sweetheart... Austin, Hey man you got $5 this isnt a free show. Bro guy: i'll give you $5 if I decide to stay at the show, I've only got $20. Austin: Well this isn't a Bro show for you and all your bro friends man, have a goodnight bro" Bro..walks off past us, looking a lil mad bro: "man you need to calm the fuck down"...I couldnt help but enjoy myself when he called the bro out, specially when the bro was claiming not to be a bro...But was totally a "BRO!" We barrowed Royal Nobles gear. They forgot cymbols so they had to go run and get em, Meanwhile...we got our shit togather, and the basement litteraly had only 4 people in it. Kinda thinking it was gonna be suck down for us. The cymbols arrived, and the BASEMENT PACKED! I probably over exstaurate, but it looked like 80-100 people. The Kids danced, and enjoyed our set. We got paid well...Watched Royal noble, They were rad, I dug their drummers style...After them, we hit the road quick, and Hit some snow on the way home...Was a little worried being that we we're in a tiny toyota corlla.

Last night May 2nd Saturday. We played R5 Records. The Enlows Opened (David's 1st show with them) The set was good good! And was a lot of fun playing guitar for a change. Jon from Pansy division quickly Jumped on stage after ourset and Did his book reading and accoustic set. Both I was a lil nervous for considering you have to watch your P's & Q's at R5 records. But it went over well...I posted the event on several sacramento gay message boards. And Half the crowd was a gay crowd. Faces we've never seen before. I highly enjoyed seeing some of the gay community out at the show, and they stuck around for our set...Of course sacramento being sacramento, we played and the crowd just stood and watched and looked bored, but they stuck around and thats all that matters! It was a fun night, and to end it off, we went to the doghouse where Papa tom ended up having to bitch slap some drunken idiot who got out of line.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

BOATS! West Coast Tour 2009: Days 1-3

waiting for matt!

Day 1: Oakland, CA

On the way to the show!
Day 2: Santa Cruz, CA

David dancing at the Mystery Spot!‏!!
Day 3: San Fransico, CA

Driving in San Fran Silly!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Recording is done!!

After a few days recording it is complete!! The boys recorded some oldie's like My Mother Was Right, Porno and newer ones like Last Day of Being 21, On My Mind, and others. All the album needs to be mixed, mastered, get some art work and it will be ready for you to buy!!

Stay tuned for more info!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009


that's right! No Front Teeth Records & May Cause Dizziness Records will be putting out the first BOATS! full length album. It will feature new and old songs and more information will be announced soon!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Matt's trip to New York City & Washington DC!

check out more pictures on his myspace!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Friday March 27th, 2009
w/ Re-Volts, Goo Dwil, The Hi-Nobles
Oakland CA

Saturday March 28th, 2009
w/ Spurts!, The Moongerms, Raggedy Anns
807 Laurel St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Sunday March 29th, 2009
w/ Maldroid, Horror-x, Deadringers
917 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94107

Tuesday March 31st, 2009
w/ Idle Threats, Hollowbodys
35 S. Bartlett St.
Medford, OR 97501

Wednesday April 1st, 2009
w/ The Eegos, Nosie Attack
448 NE Lombard St.
Portland, OR 97201

Thursday April 2nd, 2009
w/ The Pranks, The Girls, The Shy-Ones
608 NW 65th St.
Seattle, WA 98122

Friday April 3rd, 2009
w/ The Tranzmitors, Zip Guns
403 E Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Saturday April 4th, 2009
w/ The Lot Lizards, The Sissies, Gutter Pony, Gnarwail,
The Heat Rays, The Grocery Boys
1317 N. Howard St.
Spokane, WA 99201

Sunday April 5th, 2009
w/ Red Dons, Luvvers, Neckties Make Me Nervous, The Countdown
125 NW 6th Ave.
Portland OR 97209

Monday April 6th, 2009
w/ Lilith Velkor, A Public Infection, Ducktape Youth
3951 Coeur D Alene Ave.
Shasta Lake City, CA 96019