Monday, August 17, 2009

Tour coming to an End..

We're in Lush Hollywood @ The Ramada Plaza Santa Monica blvd...My mom was suppose to come down and bailed last minute. She made a reservation and they we're gonna ding her for $140 if she canceled, so she splurged and just gave us the hotel for two nights...Nice! Anyway, Tour has been outrageously's a recap of the events/shows!

Medford: We got our rental car, it was super tiny! So we upgraded to a Ford Flex..Cost Us $630 + $200 down deposit...but sooo worth it! we've been so comfortable. I got a lil baby panic attack as we got closer to Medford oregon. The weather for the majority of the trip was overcast, and pretty cold...I packed for a "summer" tour...I popped a xanax and relaxed in the car for awhile once we got to medford...The show ended up way surprising. A good amount of people came out, we made our gas back...During The hollowbodies set a fight broke out...The got the dude outside, and the singer was yelling threw the mic "dont you fuckin come back in here it'll be the last fucking thing you do!" So they start playing, and shortly the singer threw his guitar down and start brawl in the street! he kicked the dude three times in the head and the dude was flat knocked out for like 5mins! The idiot eventually woke up and wanted to fight again...what'a dummy! We stayed at Sierra vicious house and her mom gave Jef a Xanax! Jef took it and had some crazy dreams, as I did also and matt was kept up by the tv all night..In the morning, Went outside and ate some rasin toast right by Sierras huge Pot garden. Portland Oregon: We we're playing Club Satyricon that night...a venue most pdx kids don't wanna go to based off it being over priced..Oddly enough, Kids fuckin came out, the bill had nothing but good bands on it..Silent majority (outrageously good live) The Flip tops, Boats! The eegos & Mean Jeans...
Seattle: we we're gonna take off after Pdx show, ended up staying the night, but headed up in the morning. We got in early as planned and went to our friend Matt/s rich ass mansion. Ate some Pasta and off to the funhouse. Blue Ribbon boys opened and we're way way good...1st time I saw em they had a weird line up got outrageously drunk (which lived up to their name) and played way way sloppy! They had their shit down this night, it was way good! Than some other band played, no one knew who they we're and it was kinda awkward...Than we played and we used the pranks gear! fuck, we sounded so good! I love their gear! I felt we played alright, but The pranks killed...They we're so good. They ended up canceling the tour with us due to drummer problems, totally lame! So we only got to use their sweet ass gear 1 night! ugh!

Vancouver Bc: Our Buddy Matt ended up coming up with us, which I think was a good thing. Jef rode up with him. We got thru the border no problem. It was very quick and easy. We had all our merch + guitars in the back, I even asked the guy "That's it?" and we went on threw...Jef and Matt got pulled over, Jef thinks it was because of a suspicious dui...they searched matts brand ass new car, found nothing and let em thru also. We Played with The Tranzmitors that night. Holy fuck, My favorite band right now! They were so outrageously good, brought out over 200+ people, gave me a 7inch and a cd...Had nice nice gear for us to use..We really wanna put a split of some sort out with them. Also The Teeves played and they were way way rad. we stayed @ The guitar player from Zip guns house, and hit up breakfast in the morning.

Kamloops Bc: Everyone in vancouver pretty much warned us and wished us good luck on having a good show, little did they know the show was way way rad! This Dude Levon from Sound city Hooligans set the show up. We went to his house for dinner. Jef got steak, we got veggie hot dogs..We ate all the hotdog buns and his wife was asking where they were, and we so ate em all! whoa whoa whoa! awkward...We went and helped him load their gear and off to the venue. I got to use a sweet ass sun bass amp! We sounded good, and tons of kids came out and danced..Very good show for a sunday. We went back to levons, popped more xanax (we're Indoreced by them) And hit the road early for Calgary ab.

Calgary Ab: So we missed starbucks on the way to Calgary. I said, "it's cool...we'll just stop at the next one." Little did we know, there was 0 Starbucks! it was straight moutians we we're driving threw for like 8 hours! We got into Calgary and this girl set up an earlier all ages show at this place called "the tubby dog" It was a total rad 50'ish looking hot dog joint. We got free veggie doggs...They Had a Pb&J hot dog, which was a weenier, bun, pb&j and captin chrunch on the top...I said "oh hell naw!" Jef got the gripper, cause hes a barbarian, It had bun, dog, chilli, ham, fried egg and some other shit on it...It didn't look all that good either...Anyway girl who set it up, showed up...didnt acknowledge us for like an hour or so, so we weren't sure if we had gear, so it was kinda awkward...but it ended up working out and the show was WAY WAY FUN! This one punk girl oddly knew like every song we played! she sang and danced, we felt like green day 75! Afterwards we played a bar show...Ended up having to play last which we thought was gonna suck 2 dicks like it's 2006...But People stuck it out, and the show went over really fuckin awesome! Stayed at the dudes from the pissoffs house, did some laundry and hit up Missoula mt.

Missoula mt: Crossing the u.s border was way way easy! No hassle at all, and no backed up line...we expected Missoula to be way better but it wasnt a horrible show! we sold out of 7inches! Which totally sucked cause we didnt have any for spokane, but Nate sent us more to PDX! Missoula we ended up getting a hotel room and relaxing. We got shitty hotel breakfast in the morning, I choose all the sweet food, so wasn't feeling that good after.

Spokane wa: Everytime we go to spokane, we do the usual shit...we go down town and go on the silly Radio flyer slide...This time matt wanted to go on this stupid gondola ride. Jef and I weren't into paying to go on it, so Matt splurged got 1 adult ticket and 3 children tickets. I got a lil nervous, so I dropped a duke in the public park bathroom. There was this homeless dude in there, and while I was washing my hands we had an awkward conversation bout how the hand soap they had in the bathroom was kinda like laundry detergent. After I took my duce it was ride time!It was so fucking stupid and a waste of Matt's money. The girl seated us in the gondola and was like 3kids, yeah right!And then she called us "jerks" as she shut the gondolas door. I got a lil noxious thought I was gonna puke, but ended up not, the ride didnt go like anywhere, it was lame...we exchanged our canadian money. we had like $500 and it came out to $344..On top of it kinda being hard to exchange the money, they wouldnt take our looneys and tooneys, So we still have a shit load of Canadian coins. We went to the club and these like total bro punk bands from new york showed up in their van, and we just watched Law and order in our ford flex. The show was 50/50 it seemed pretty weak, but once we played we had a good amount of kids there to watch us! We stayed at Our BFF's Apartment that night, She took us to a bar which served $1 grilled cheese and than we watched "Life aquatic" I popped another xanax, during the night a lamp fell over almost hitting jefs face, but i was straight snoozing. Reah cooked us yummy breakfast, went to Empyrean and had some coffee.

Pdx: Went back to Portland, A show Colin set up fell threw so we emerged both shows into one. We went to Seve's right when we got into town to pick up more records that had been sent to us. Than Nick came with us to Laughing horse. We all hung out, the show turned out real good, we played good and had some nice gear..and sold more records. In the morning we did breakfast with Seve and left to Grants pass.

Grants Pass: whoa, The biggest let down of the whole tour. All our past shows had atleast 50-150 kids there...this night, 10 kids showed up. And half didnt have money to pay to get in..Not only has the trove gotten lamer, but they still treat bands like shit. They dont give you any money from the door, they even have you sign a piece of paper stating you're not getting paid, they are keeping it all and you can sell you're merch. Same Lame band hoped on the bill and said we could use their gear, and than they didn't let us...They had synchronized jumps and matching mesa boogies right?..Than another band (who was suppose to headline) said we could use their gear but totally took our spot...meanwhile, while no one else was gonna show up at this show, they went let the other 5kids in the show for free, so we told em we we're gonna bounce and they understood...So we pulled a long hall to sacramento...and by "we" I mean jef, he drove the whole way home while Matt Jamie and I slept.

Sacramento: We spent the day at home, I ran errands got Starbucks (twice) And relaxed. We played The Refuge, A new all ages venue similar to Club retro down town. They had a sweet green room behind the stage up stairs that really made you feel like green day. Though they had the whole christian atmosphere, the venue was pretty rad. Not horrible strict, and had a great sound man! We played good, and sold a lot of our 7inches! We ended up having to call Nate again to send us more 7inches! we're almost fully sold out!!!

Hollywood: The drive took forever, it really didnt, just always feels like a long drive. I totally get anxiety in this city, I freak out when im hear, we checked into our swanky hotel and off to The knitting factory. We havent played a good show there for awhile...We really try to only come down to La when Prima donna can play with us. They we're suppose to play this show, but didnt work out...The show was so so, It wasnt a horrible turn out, but wasnt as good as when prima donna plays with us, and we def didn't make as much $$...But we came back to the hotel, watched UFC cause we're secretly bro's and we've been hanging in the hotel all day today..

We're playing tonight with TUFF COOKIES in Hollywood, Tomorrow Fresno. I'll be seeing my dad and sisters whom i havent seen in like 7years. should be a little awkward. Than San francisco!

Return home show aug 29th with Phenomenauts @ club retro! come out!