Sunday, November 29, 2009

Long Over Due!

For an Update...What the fuck have we been doing?...Since getting back from tour In August. We've taken it easy, working on new songs. Our new 7inch will be in our hands this week! Pf Flyers sent us free shoes! Matt's Taking off to Tokyo Japan on Tuesday morning..David is going to college in Jan, right when we get back from our Texas tour. Jef is now a Kitchen Manager @ The Cozmic cafe...(He likes to cook....A lot!) After Our Texas Tour In January, we're gonna slow down...While David's going to school, we'll be working on new jams, and recording our full length...Hoping to Release it well before summer time...May cause Dizziness Records is putting it out...We're looking for a 2nd label to put up the other half and get more Distro...We're Considering a 2nd guitarist, but can't find Anyone rad or good enough (or bad enough) to join the band. We Tried our Buddy Wolfgang out, but he melted our faces with his leads...Dunno if we're ready to turn more into a rocking band with crazy guitar shreds, or keep it simple, shitty but catchy!
we'd secretly like Dan Of the briefs/Modern action/Sharp Objects to join the band, but That's just a wet dream that wont happen...

Anyway, Texas Tour in Jan! Our last for awhile...We'll be playing locally on the weekends, and near by cities, but nothing crazy after Jan, except for a possibly Europe tour in the summer!
If anyone would like to put us up in Jan Get a hold of us! ;p

Jan 1st- La @ Project infest
Jan 2nd- San Diego @ Radio Room
Jan 3rd- Phoenix az @ The Rogue
Jan 4th- Tucson az @ Dry River
Jan 5th- Las cruses @ The Equinox
Jan 6th- San Antonio tx @ rockbottom bar
Jan 7th- Houston tx @ The Mink
Jan 8th- Austin tx @ the parlor
Jan 9th- Denton tx @ Rubber gloves
Jan 10th- Lubbock tx - @ whiskey Dix

Jan 11th- Albuquerque nm @ Bleeding Eardrum
Jan 12th- Flagstaff az @ studio 111
Jan 13th- La @ echo curio
Jan 14th- San Francisco @ annies social club
Jan 15th- Sacramento @ Shire road club