Thursday, May 14, 2009

BOATS! has been nominated for a SAMMIE!

"Boats! may be a local oi!-free punk trio on the pop side of the fence, but their riffage skews streetside—gritty guitars slash like tinfoil cuts; lyrics hinge on working-class tomfoolery. Their best asset, however, is their tempo: two-minute songs that don’t belabor things, two-riff ditties with smart bass lines and no-frills-just-fills drums. Oh, and they play hella shows." N.M.

thats right! BOATS! are up for a Sammie this year for "Outstanding Punk/Hardcore." we're up against Another Damn Disappointment, Consider the Thief, Dance Gavin Dance, Final Summation, Hoods, Lost Freedom, Pressure Point and A Single Second. are we gonna win?! probably not. bout wouldnt it be redick if we did!! lol


Chek out the old Sacramento News & Review Article "Not quite yacht rock" by Nick Miller HERE

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