Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Show's

We didn't tour, or play that much in 2012!
When we did, it was with some pretty rad, awesome bands!

Jan 13th- Reno- The Alley w/The Adolescents & Youth Brigade
Jan 14th- La Redwood LA DRUGZ, Images
Jan 19th- Sac- Sex Tape Scandal Reunion @ The Boardwalk w/ VooDoo Glow Skulls
Jan 25th- Sacramento @ Csus in the Redwood Room 12pm
Jan 25th- San Jose @ The Blank Club w/The Avengers & Factory Minds
Jan 26th- Sf- Bottom of The Hill w/ The Avengers& Midnight Snaxxx
Mar 9th- Santa cruz- Blue lagoon w/Sara Radle, Up all night, Phantom pains
Mar 10th- Sac @ Javalounge w/Pets, Sara Radle (sex Tape Scandal)
Mar 30th- PDX @ Plan B w/Sons of Huns, Bloodtypes, Blue skies for black hearts, Boats
Mar 31st- Seattle, Wa @ Funhouse w/Si si si, Local Dudes, The Pinellas
April 6th- Sac, ca @ Javalounge w/Blue skies for black hearts, Enlows, BOATS!
April 7th- Sf, Ca @ Hemlock w/Blammos, Blue skies for black hearts
April 12th- La, ca @ Redwood w/Images, Rough kids, La drugz
April 13th- Sd, Ca @ Tower bar w/Shark blood, Mothers worry
April 14th- Tucson, az WAY OUT WEST FEST
April 19th- Sacramento @ Ace of Spades w/Buzzcocks, Images, BOATS!
June 10th- Sac @ Blue Lamp w/Swingin Utters, Sharp Objects, Union Hearts & BOATS!
July 7th- Sac @ Javalounge w/Angry Samoans, BOATS! & Capital Bastards
Aug 22nd- Oakland @ Eli's Mile High w/ Tenement
Aug 23rd- Sf @ House show w/ Tenement
Aug 24th- Sac @ Casa De Chaos
Aug 31st- SF @ Thee Parkside w/ Chixdiggit, The Meat Sluts & BOATS!
Sept 1st- Sac @ Boardwalk w/ Chixdiggit, BOATS!, Secretions, Flip the switch, Carbonites
Sept 8th- Oakland @ 1-2-3-4GO w/Emily's Army & BJE
Sept 9th- San Jose @ Blank Club - Vibrators, BOATS! Factory minds
Sept 12th- Sac @ Luigi's Fungarden - Vibrators, Boats! , Urban Wolves
Sept 13th- Reno @ Holland Project - Vibrators
Sept 14th- Pdx @ Ash St Saloon - Vibrators, BOATS! The Cry, Blue Skies For Black Hearts
Sept 15th- Seattle @ El Corazon Vibrators, BOATS!, The Pinellas,
Oct 18th- Sac @ Luigi's w/Isatopes, Well Red & The Moans
Oct 19th- Berkeley @ Gilman w/Isatopes
Oct 20th- SD @ Bar 11 w/ Shark Blood, The Last years, tab
Oct 21st- LA @ Redwood Vibrators, BOATS!, Images, Flytraps
Oct 27th- Sac @ Miller park - Zombie Run
Dec 31st - Davis @ Pole Line Rd House

Friday, October 26, 2012

Update Punx

A lot has changed this past year. December 2011 we recorded with Ted Angel (Mr. T Experience)
and recorded our 3rd LP "Smoking is Cool"
Joey of Emily's Army had spoke to us, and said Adeline Records was interested
in putting us out. So we've been sitting on the record since December.

Patrick and Charles both quit Boats!
We tried a few drummers, and were having horrible luck.
BOATS! was looking about over-
We saw our friend Adam drumming in his new band Urban wolves. (check em out)
We knew instantly we had to get him on board.
We asked him, and he said YES!

We started playing shows,  with Chixdiggit and Vibrators. Now we are best friends!
He has the most positive attitude ever, and we couldn't be more happy with him in the band.
If he quit, I'd seriously kill myself, and post a sad video on YouTube before doing it.

We've been searching a new label to put out our new LP.
May Cause Dizziness is taking a short break.
We've contact Modern Action Records, and so far, they are also interested.
So now we're waiting on a green light from either Adeline and/or Modern Action.
We love both labels, and would be thrilled to be put out by either of the two.

We have planned a East Coast tour for Spring.
Dates have yet to be booked, as it is still far out in advance to get solid dates booked-
but we'll be there! If anyone wants to help us book some shows, or send some contact info please do!
Here are the dates and cities!

Mar 22nd- New York
Mar 23rd- Montreal
Mar 24th- Toronto
Mar 25th- Philadelphia
Mar 26th-  Baltimore
Mar 27th- Atlanta
Mar 28th-  Orlando  
Mar 29th - Charlotte Nc /richmond va
Mar 30th-  New Jersey
Mar 31st- Boston

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Question, The Answer...

A lot has changed in the past few months. Jeff Melendez has quit the band, to pursue a life as a chef. Our good friend Patrick Shelly has filled/out grew Jeff's shoes. He fits like a perfect glove. We also added Charles Albright (he's on drugs) on 2nd guitar. We just got wind, he'll be quitting the band, as he is stressed out being in about 5 other bands, and having to teach math to a bunch of college students, who prefer to waste his time, and text during his class.

Matt has tied the knot with his lady, and just enjoyed a honeymoon in Europe.
Meanwhile, back at home, David just had a new born sister. He's playing the father /really old brother Role.

Once Matt returned from his Honeymoon, we began working on our 3rd LP "Hall & Boats!" Or "Hummerz." The name of the LP has yet to be decided.

Ted Angel (of Mr. T Experience, The Mallrats, Bright Faces, Problem girls) is recording/Producing/playing a solo on one of the tunes. We plan to have it released shortly on May Cause dizziness Records, before we start touring again. Matt also doesn't have enough time saved up, to be going tour.

Monday, March 14, 2011

3 worms in the big apple.

This weekend we're playing In La @ The Redwood bar with Underground Rail Road To CandyLand. Saturday @ The Tin can in San Diego w/JungleFever..After that, we've got two local shows in Sacramento before we fly out to the east coast for a short 10 day east coast tour.

March 27th The Hub with The booze, the bitters, Devila 666
April 6 The Boardwalk w/Peelander Z & The Secretions

We've got a new 7" in the works. Took some time to decide if we we're happy on the recordings or not...Took some time to get some art work in the works, But I think we're finally there...All that we need to do is move a little faster and get it all to Nate at May cause Dizziness Records and get production underway.

When we get back from Tour, we're gonna just do some weekend shows and work on a new LP...We also have a new band called, "TEEF" which Jef melendez fronts and Matt play drums..We'll probably start doing more with that once we get home, and finally get the "TEEF" 7" pressed.

Thats the news for now.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Than there were 3 worms.

We've kept it pretty hush hush, hoping he'd have a change of heart...
But Ryan G has decided to leave the band to pursue other musical related things..
We are back to our original line up as a three piece. We're bummed he left. We def loved the four piece. Gave us room for a bigger sound..We're not opposed to getting someone else, but finding the right cool person is always the trouble. Everyone plays something, but we dont wanna settle with someone we're unhappy with.

Moving forth, We're working on two new 7"s followed by another LP.
We're flying out east in April.
And hopefully Japan and/or Europe to follow.

Monday, November 29, 2010


We're leaving on a jet plane for the east coast in April!!! This is our first time back since our U.S.A. Tour a few years ago!!! We'll be posting updates for the tour periodically so make sure you keep checking the SHOWS section for a list of dates, venues, and bands we'll be playing with!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

UPDATE: May 2010


Just got back from our Northwest Tour!! Big thanks to all the bands who played with us, the venues we played, and everyone that came out!!!

We will be playing 2-3 shows with THE DWARVES in July!! keep your eyes out for the dates, they will be announced soon!

And we will be touring through Texas again this August but this time we are taking THE ENLOWS with us!!! so be on the look out for all the dates and come out!!


The Enlows / Boats! Split 7" is almost out of print!! get one now before your sorry!!!

Found our rare SUMMER VACATION 7" for sale!! Talk to our friend Hiroyuki at Hyper Enough Records about ordering one:

And Finally!! Our first LP TOTALLY JAWSOME is being pressed and released! On Gold colored vinyl!! you Can get the LP here from Nate at MCD Records: HERE or! you can get the Cassette version (different mixes) here from Hans at PS Cassettes: HERE. The LP Release show will be Tuesday June 29th @ Shire Road Club w/ THE ADICTS, MOTO, Sharp Objects and Snot-Cocks.